in that it is very closely held by a small group of insiders.....but their future growth will rapidly expand demand for shares of the co. .....too bad, becuz there just aren't many to be had.....

NITE has some @ .70, [EDIT: oops! no more .70 shares available] then the next available are @ .75, .90, & 1.00, etc.,  which shows that is a very thin, but very tight market.....a few new buyers will explode the  price, it simply can't be any other way, AND this situation cannot be compared with any mining stock I've ever seen, since there figures to be NO DILUTION of shares....

read on....
Oxford Investments Holdings Inc. [OXIHF] is now establishing itself as a leading online payment solutions Company. The Company is concentrating its business around its "FocusKard" suite of products. The FocusKard suite provides a comprehensive card payment solution meshed with a user-friendly ewallet for e-commerce businesses.

I'm treating Oxi as a LT investment, since the possibilities are simply the famous entertainer Al Jolson said..."folks, you ain't seen nuthin' yet!"...I'd like to see many more buys under a dollar, as the next level of insider buying is now in progress....if you buy now, you will look back in a few months and wonder how you picked up Oxi shares at such a bargain-basement price....I'm that confident...

as my cohort Jim Rockford said....

"As for Oxford (OXIHF), it is an absolute out-of-the-park win and you will be sick if you don't buy and follow it. Here's why:

1. I believe Oxford will do well over $50 million (yes, $50 million) in revenue in the next year with over 90% of this as profit. I also believe they will enter Britain's AIM Exchange (where a past NR says they want to reside) where they should get at least a 20 multiple. As for the stock price, well…… you do the math - let's just say it's win that won't be repeated.

2. Think of Oxford as a processing company, not a tech company. The reasons it can get that much revenue so quickly is that it only takes a small number of good deals to get good size. With the track record and rolodexes of their principals, I'd say this won't be a stretch. They have the cheapest and best processing out there and their FocusKard suite of products is going to get major penetration.

3. With the above, when you know that there are just over 20 million shares out and they are tightly held (ie. Michael Donaghy, the President controls half) it looks very good. This is the reason it doesn't trade much and this is - conversely, though, why very little buying will send it soaring. The holders are believers (ie most have been hanging on for 5 years or more) and are waiting for a very nice stock price.

4. The second last NR (go to shows their relationship with Shared Path, which has 28 million members. Even a partial penetration brings huge revenues. All the set-up is being done for this right now.

5. The last NR with the China group is huge, as the Ko Ho President has a phenomenal resume and most definitely has targets in China already picked."

The China Connection:

7. "I know the Oxford guys have a very good idea of how strong marketing helps a company. The FocusKard and their gains will be big news on the Street.

8. I've known the principals for 8 years and done extensive DD on the company. I stake my track record (which I immodestly have to say is pretty da-n good) – as well as a good-sized block I've already bought in the company on this. Inbox me if you have questions – and if you think this is bull-hit, well it isn't and the stock price will tell the story.

- Insiders hold a lot of shares. Michael Donaghy holds just under 10 million shares and has NEVER sold a share. His friends (my dad included) and family hold 6 million shares. All of these shares are held at one brokerage with one broker. Another 3 million shares are held with two financial planners (who did the financings close to a buck) in Western Canada who love the deal. I know where the rest of the stock is as well. So let's say this is a VERY tight deal."

*the above is the opinion of the writers, and not to be construed as investment advice*