Have we come to the time where due diligence is futile? Well probably not.But this day and age where we have to deal with HFTs,Anonamous trades
,Iceberg trading,etc it seems to be more and more the case.These type of rules just allow more opportunity for the big players to hoodwink the little guy by turning the meaning of transparency from seeing things clearer into just seeing less.If you had a private company would you consider going public to grow your business knowing you may be at the mercy of these computerized gun slingers?It seems more and more the retail investors are leary of throwing their life savings into the markets as they become more and more shady. The old saying stay away in May is slowly turning into stay away altogether. With out the retail investors it will become very difficult for companies to raise capital.So are the market regulators helping their cause or taking a machine gun to their foot. I`m going with the latter.JMO.SS