It must be difficult balancing legitimate "hits" on your site vs those who are creating hits through multi-aliases. It seems America bashing is fair game here on your site, but if we dare expose China for "tweaking" their accounting, our posts are removed. You allow people to write about "big brother" Americanism on this site as though it's a crime, yet somehow manage to overlook this same big brotherism the minute someone speaks out against China. How? You delete posts. You must surely realize this is a blatant act of double standards, number one, and number two, even more telling, it is a disgusting act of cowardice. Stop deleting my posts, Stockhouse. Grow a backbone. I can no longer find blogs I want to read in the morning when I get out of bed, as a Chinese pumper has taken the blog boards for ransom in the middle of the night.. A board on a stock I own has been hijacked by a multi-alias bully and any time anyone argues with him, you delete the posts. STOP IT, STOCKHOUSE!!!! STOP IT!!! You are making a mockery of your own site and our individual rights to FREEDOM OF SPEECH! You have turned this site into nothing but an America bashing board. It's not even about stocks on this site any more. It's become a joke.