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salesmen, cheats and liars

3.5 stars

510 Reads | 3 Comments | 0 People call this a favourite

or maybe its the blind leading the naked. the naked losers. this place is such a wasteland of false hope and out-of-control greed. the boards are a hypester's dream, a con man's gold mine. so many people here are so willing to believe. It amazes me how people make investment decisions. Long ago someone far wiser than me coined the concept of the investors paradox - that two primal emotions drive most investment decisions: fear and greed. The thesis goes on to posit that investors use these two emotions at precisely the wrong moments in time. Buyers buy on hope (aka greed) and they sell when the outlook is grim (aka fear) And here in the pages of the "bullboards"...aptly named from where I sit...there lie hundreds if not thousands of carcases of the beautiful and the hopeless whose key fault was their unqualified hope and ignorant cowardice. stop being stupid. why would you invest real money into a stock with no more due diligence than reviewing posts here?

  • Read the paper...but don't believe it

    198 Reads | 1 Comment | May 18, 2012

    Newspapers are about selling newspapers.  Exagerate and abbreviate.  And leave lots of room for advertisements.    Yes, you have to study to understand what's going on in the world.  And you have to use the news cycle as a way to find angles on the markets or on companies.  But recognize that journalists are paid to write - and to write in a way which creates...

  • Here's one of my favorites...

    212 Reads | 1 Comment | April 13, 2010

    Everyone know what "level 2"is?  It's basically a term used for reviewing the market depth on a stock.  Like how many bid's and ask's are lined up by price.  You see this one all the time - some poster will say "hey look at the level 2" and then follow it up with something like "31 has been buying all day" or "Anonymous has been hitting the bid all day".  Basically the poster is saying "wow...

  • it's about common sense

    100 Reads | 1 Comment | March 11, 2010

    I'm just saying.  Don't invest in a speculative stock based solely on th eopinions you gather froma chat room.just sayin.