Jay Taylor, editor, J Taylor's Gold & Technology Stocks


ERIN VENTURES (CVE:EV): very small cap company..producing some gold from placer mines..bringing in larger equipment for larger scale placer mining..for a company that is 15 cents Cdn, great potential..also in North Carolina past-producing mine they have identified similar geology next door to that..for speculative investors quite some appeal


SAN GOLD (CVE:SGR): company on my list..I think what is holding it back is fair amount of debt, also company has reported some big losses..old mining camp putting back into production..costs somewhat higher than other mines..at early stages just under $300 cash cost..as they ramp up cost will go down some..think market wants them to prove themselves..


NORTHERN DYNASTY MINERALS (CVE:NDM): I have not followed for a while..had made good money on the stock..I like the company, I do not know for sure but I think it will have good future..I think their president has done remarkable exploration job, figured out geological model to keep increasing ounces


TRADE WINDS VENTURES (CVE:TWD): I like Detour Lake area exciting area..I do not follow Trade Winds specifically but so many of these companies depend on promotion..frankly I would rather have company like Trade Winds that have good technical people, keep on finding ounces in the ground..there are literally hundreds, not thousands, of junior mining companies and they are all competing for investor dollars..frankly, American investor has not gotten into this market..when they do, you will see prices of these little companies go through the roof, then you look for exit


PAST PICK, TOP PICK PELANGIO MINES (TSE:PLG): I think it is good buying opportunity..major changes since last year, sold off Detour Lake property, have 47% interest in it..I think market is punishing them for that..I look on it as good thing..Hunter-Dixon group can take it into one of larger mines in Canada..meanwhile Pelangio can explore in Ghana, one of the most stable countries..2007 will have extremely aggressive drill program, can come up with exciting results


PAST PICK NAUTILUS (CVE:NUS): looking at mining ocean floor..has been done before in the 1960s, was not a commercial success because of metallurgical problems..company will build $125 million ship that will do custom mining, hoping to start mining in 2009..mining rock is extremely valuable, in some ways less risky than land..share price reads into the future


MIRANDA GOLD (CVE:MAD): I follow, really like the model..large holdings, farm a lot of them out..would hold the stock


CORNERSTONE CAPITAL (CVE:CGP): similar to Miranda, same business model..just have to be patient with these kinds of companies because cannot predicting when they are going to hit but sooner or later they are going to hit..one of the risks is time value..please do not put grocery money into this


KINROSS GOLD (NYSE:KGC TSE:K): I do not follow Kinross closely..major company that has innovative management team, looking to work more aggressively with juniors like Geocom Resources..


NIOGOLD (CVE:NOX): small microcap reacently added to list..company with historical resource ~300,000 in Quebec..so far mineralization very shallow..as far as exploration plays go, I think this is one of most outstanding companies


MINEFINDERS (TSE:MFL): company that I followed few years ago..silver-gold Mexican project, project of merit..think management is good, expect it will be a mine..whether under or overvalued I do not have opinion right now


JINSHAN GOLD MINES (TSE:JIN): I know it is not fashionable to say China is not a good place to do business..I think people make mistake of equating rapid growth with economic strength..instead of market driving decisions, policymakers are..there could be some problems ahead in China..also concerned about long-term investments..I have gone gingerly in China..I like it because of Robert Friedland..Jinshan expected to go into production December..will watch that one carefully..


TOP PICK SKYGOLD VENTURES (CVE:SKV): little more of exploration story, drilling out deposit in British Columbia..we do not have resource number, expecting soon..just drilled step-out hole, average depth 60 meters..if mineralized continuously and we have reason to believe so, we could look at something large..10 million ounces open-pittable..2007 put down a lot of holes..


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