John Embry, chief investment strategist, Sprott Asset Management

BIRIM GOLDFIELDS (TSE:BGI): top quality junior, they got some great projects in Ghana..I own 10% of company, never worry about of these days they will have big hit..key is drilling success, do not worry about interest in sector

SOUTHWESTERN RESOURCES (TSE:SWG): stock has acted poorly for reasons that I do not know why..I think CEO does not project well, having said that, they have 5 million ounces in China that will prove to be economic in the near future..the company is misunderstood, is a huge generator of projects, active in China and Peru..why it acts like it does seems like there is a lid..antidote can be a takeover

RED BACK MINING (TSE:RBI): in the Lundin stable, I got involved at $1.60, I think this will become consolidator in West Africa, so many mid-sized companies..if somebody can put them together in rational basis, suspect Red Back might be the one to do it

LAKE SHORE GOLD (TSE:LSG): to me this is real gold company..have great project in West Timmons, probably have 1.5 million ounces of economic gold underground, will put this thing into gold price rises, will be good to own..financing recently done, cashed up

BEAUFIELD CONSOLIDATED (CVE:BFD): property near Eleanore ore body of Goldcorp..other projects as me real meat will be drilling in Quebec near Eleanore..stock has pulled back, in mid-40 cents..also reporting molybdenum shows

(TSE:PLG): probably own close to 10%..joint venture with Detour Lake, also good connections in Ghana, several well-located properties to drill..combination of past producer plus Ghana not judge junior by their prices right now, does not bespeak their opportunity..

TOP PICK AFRICAN GOLD GROUP (CVE:AGG): strong management, landed African project..stock got pounded by indiscriminate institutional investor, absolutely no deterioration in fundamentals..only 27 million shares out

TOP PICK MINCO GOLD (TSE:MMM): will be spinning out Minco Mining, well cashed out, guy who runs it Chinese, knows China, has connections..I think MINCO SILVER (TSE:MSV) one of the cheapest silver stocks on the planet..combination of two I do not understand why they cannot generate more interest

TOP PICK KEEGAN RESOURCES (CVE:KGN): I think very sound management team, two projects, huge lengths of economic grades..only 22 million shares out, good people, good projects

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