I've been looking at some oil and gas companies this past week and have decided to add the following: Canoro Resources Limited - V.CNS,  Ithaca Energy Inc. - V.IAE and Petrolifera Petroleum Limited - T.PDP.  All three have had their share of operational problems this year however have since been working to resolve these issues.  They all have high impact projects that could add significant upside to their sp from these levels.  I believe that all three companies are well positioned to gain from higher oil prices in the year to come seeing that their current projects are successful and remain on track.  I will leave it up to you to do your own DD and make sure these Risky Picks are right for you.  All three are a BUY at these levels.  Have a good trading day.


Canoro Resources Limited:    http://www.canoro.com/

Ithaca Energy Inc:    http://ithacaenergy.com/

Petrolifera Petroleum Limited:    http://www.petrolifera.ca/