I've been quiet for the past several weeks watching the the current crisis unfold.  I have never been more confident that gold and silver are on the verge of a major move to the upside in the comming months.  I have been accumulating several new companies to my portfolio.  I believe that quality juniors and soon to be producing companies will greatly benefit from the comming move in precious metals.  I have added the following to my portfolio and intend to add more on any weakness.  Here are my newest additions:    CGA, LSG, TMM, SVL, CGC, MLL, GBG, AXR, KGI and FR.  I would like to point out that I'm still holding on to FVI and WDO which I have already recommended in the past.  I would also like to point out that because I've bought most of these picks in the past two months I've already realized some nice gains and would wait for a pullback before adding any new shares at the moment.  As always, do your own DD and make sure these picks are right for you.  Have a great trading day,