As the current crisis continues to unfold as I write this, I'm still confident that gold and silver has yet to take off.  I continue to add to my existing gold and silver positions (see Risky Picks Group portfolio for my current holdings) on any major dip .  I have however decided to add two new picks that I have owned several times in the past three years that are not gold and silver miners. 

My first new risky pick is Pinetree Capital, ticker symbol T.PNP.  Pinetree Capital is a small canadian merchant investment bank that focus mainly on small junior resource stocks. Pinetree has been hit hard during the market crash of 2008 and most recently with the ongoing "credit" crisis.  Pinetree is now greatly oversold and I believe that the risk/reward is attractive.  If the economy starts to recover, Pinetree Capital should perform well.   I rate PNP as a BUY at these levels as I believe it could be a good long term investment.

Pinetree Capital Website:

My second pick is Ithaca Energy, ticker symbol V.IAE.  I have already recommend Ithaca Energy back in November 2009 and have almost realized gains of 100%.  I now believe that Ithaca Energy has dropped back to an attractive trading level.  Some of its most recent milestones are:
    -    an increase in reserves of  their Stella field of approx. 60%
    -    recently closed pp of approx. 158$ million  
    -    signed a 140$ million base borrowing facility

Ithaca Energy is also trading in the oversold territory creating a good buying opportunity.  I rate IAE a BUY at the current levels.

Ithaca Energy Website:

I would also like to point out that I'm still overweight in precious metals but continue to look for any interesting investments such as the ones mentioned above.  Anyone who would like to see my current holdings, please visit The Risky Picks Group:

As always, always do your own DD before investing.  Have a great trading day,