I would like to start off today by mentioning that  I've been quiet these past few weeks as my wife has given birth to our beautiful little baby girl.  I haven't been able to keep up with my inbox messages but will reply to all of you who have written me in as soon as I can. 

I've received several messages in the past few weeks concerning various small exploration companies and thought I would share some of my personal SPECULATIVE stocks that I own or monitor at the moment.  I would like to point out that all of these stocks are truly RISKY PICKS and one shouldn't invest any more money than they can afford to lose.  They are all promising but are equally subject to further downside risk. 

The first stock I would like to bring to your attention is AGE - Adventure Gold.  This stock seems to have picked up some interest since LSG released some great gold results from their most recent drilling program on their Timmins West Deposit.  This is one of my most recent additions as I also bought into this company shortly after the big news.  Adventure Gold is still in the very early exploration stage and hasn't been evaluated as to how much gold could be present at the moment.  It's current shareprice solely depends on LSG and WTM drilling results until they can come up with some of their own.  I rate AGE a SPEC. BUY at the moment.

Take a look for yourself on their website:    http://www.adventure-gold.com/

Another company that I have owned several times in the past few years and have started accumulating again since January 2009 is BFD - Beaufield Resources.  Beaufield is interesting particularly because of its Opinaca Property located in the James Bay area.  The Opinaca Property is neighboring Goldcorps 5 million ounce Eleonore gold project.  Good drill samples have been released from the Opinaca Property however more work still needs to be completed before fully understanding the true potential of the project.  They currently have approx. $7 million is working capital and are well funded for their 2009 exploration program.  I rate BFD a SPEC. BUY at these levels.  

Take a look for yourself on their website:    http://www.beaufield.com/

Temex - TME is another great story in the making.  Thay have recently acquired 60 claims that are adjacent to West Timmins Gold property. They have been pulling put some great results of their own on one of their various projects at hand called the Gold-Hallnor property also located in the Timming Gold Camp.  They have recently been able to raise approx. $1.6 million which will be used as working capital on several of their Canadian projects.   Temex have several interesting properties and I suggest you take a look for yourself:

Temex Website:    http://www.temexcorp.com/s/Home.asp

These are the three speculative stocks that I currently own beside the ones that I have already mentioned on my blog such as EZ, REX and RJX.A.  All of these are great plays that offer some exciting high risk rewards in the future. 

I thought I'd share three other spec. plays that I'm currently following but don't own at the moment:  CQR - Conquest Resources, RMK - Roxmark Mines and VML - Verena Minerals.  All three also are very interesting at these levels and continue to monitor them on a regular basis. 

As always, do your own DD and make sure they are right for you.  I wish you all a great trading week.