I've been building a new position in Petronova - V.PNA  for the past few trading sessions.  I actually came across this company going through Sprott Asset Managements Energy Fund as it was listed in their top ten holdings (positions held as of December 31, 2010, here is the link:   http://www.sprott.com/Fund1.aspx?id=24 ).  After doing some of my own DD, I've decided to take a position.  Petronova has some promising properties in Columbia that could add significant value to shareholders.  It has also raised a $65 million through a public offering at a set price of $1.25 per share in late December, 2010.  I recommend you take a look at Petronova's  website:    http://www.petronova.com/Home/default.aspx

As always, do your own DD before investing in any Risky Pick.

Have a good trading day,


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