For those that dont know, GS has been creating bubbles and manipulating the markets since the 1920's.  Dont take my word for it though (although I see the effects daily) , check out this interview, a very eye-opening read for anyone that does not know what GS is all about and why Oil prices went to 140 a barrel when demand was NOT increasing. 

The market P/E is at an all-time high yet look around you, is the economy any better than it was in March?  Ah no, of course not and unemployment at record highs too.  In fact, I could go on and on how the economy stinks and give you all kinds of numbers but in the end it doesnt matter, the market moves ahead of the economy and all that right?  Hah. 

At any rate as a trader you just align yourself with the trend, whether it makes sense or not and right now it does not in my opinion. 

Here is the interview, watch the videos and read the text, good stuff and really shouldn't suprise anyone.  With Trillions and Zillions of dollars all together in the World's biggest horse race did anyone really think there was no cheating going on?   

This is a little long but WELL worth checking out if this is new to you.

Here is another little bit showing you just how powerful the trading software they have is:

GL in your trading