3. Ortsbo's translation service is the most accurate, only real- time service that actually attaches to your favourite chat program. There are several patents and licenses registered to this company allowing them a window. So no google could not bring out a real time translation service for the duration of the licensing. Also, if they did it could not infringe upon the coding of Ortsbo. A 3rd party bringing real translation to the party is the best situation. Google, facebook, Microsoft have affiliations and competitors. Intertainment as a 3rd party can give this product to all companies and the users of said companies. This allows everyone who wants Ortsbo to get it.  (example. sell ortsbo to facebook, lose china; sell usage rights to both facebook and china, win!)

4. Gene Simmons is a celebrity, and has world wide recognition. The Ortsbo Live Nation event could snowball into a myriad of artists from JAY Z, Rhianna, Bieber, doing there own events to communicate to all fans in all languages as well as sell merchandise.

5. Over 250 million shares traded last week over $1, $2, $3. Unless people want to sell for a loss this stock has a BARE MINIMUM floor of somewhere between $1.09-$2.22

6. Record breaking VOLUME. Day after day, INT has been the market mover of the day doing consistent volumes in the 10's of millions. With the SP above $1, Int also traded the most $ value as well!!!!!