Just days before the opening of the Critical Metals Investment Symposium, the topic of one of their key speakers has caught some attention.  The following excerpt is from The Australian (Business with The Wall Street Journal):
...But instead of the usual discussion about Chinese domination of the rare-earth supply chain - two of President Hu's rare-earth specialists are due to speak at the conference in Vancouver, Canada on the theme "China to Join the Buy Side."

A few hours later, US-based Molycorp Minerals' CEO Mark Smith will be making their presentation.  In December 2010, Molycorp announced seperate deals with Japan`s Hitachi Metals and Sumitomo Corp. covering the funding, supply and manufacture of rare-earth end products.

From the financial world, well known names such as Kaiser, Berry, Hykawy, Lifton, Cox and Holmes will round out the event.

To view the article in The Australian visit http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/mining-energy/change-ahead-in-chinas-rare-earth-role/story-e6frg9df-1225991252866

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