As known, China's Fujian Province produce granite due to geological reasons, with the development of artificial sand, people around the country begin to use the gravel stone such as river gravel, basalt, limestone and etc to make sand, however, there are many granite stone in Fujian province can be used, the main component of granite is feldspar and quartz. Granite features hard texture, Hard to be soda acid and weathering erosion, it has been widely used as building materials. So granite sand has played a vital role in the construction industry and become the pillar industry of the national economy Development.

  The granite features evenly structure, hard texture; beautiful color, high hardness and wear resistance. To meet the needs of the construction sand, as well as the infrastructure, mining machinery manufacturers also produce out different Crusher for customers choosing, the most common are jaw crusher, impact crusher cone crusher, sand making machine and hydraulic crusher from vipeak heavy industry, in Configuring the production line, we refer to the customers ‘requirements and our engineers’ advice to choose the right crusher.

  The characteristics of raw material should be considered when allocate the granite gravel or sand production line. As we all know, granite is a hard rock, we should use the solid and reliable crushing equipment when process the it into building material. Cone crusher of Zhengzhou Vipeak Heavy Industries with its unique structural design, as well as its superior performance, has become the essential equipment in highways, railways, hydropower and other large scale construction industries.

  Then, choose the models according to the site. Shanxi stones factory production sites is relatively small and surrounded by mountains, our sand project leader has proceed several exploration, and continuously improve the equipment specific to the stone crusher, conveyor belts, round vibrating screen, Configuration Angle and the sieve layers, to realize the cost-effective configuration.

Finally, optimize the configuration of the gravel line based on the original. Traditional jaw crusher and cone crusher can not meet the materials requirement in senior construction sites. Because flakiness granite gravel and internal cracks, gravel content are too high. While the Traditional impact crusher as the secondary crusher, although the gravel particles are good, the loss of plate hammer is serious, quarries can not bear such costs. However, vipeak Heavy industry allocate you with impact crusher after the jaw crusher and cone crusher so as to achieve both the grain shape requirements, and to the capacity.