International Stem Cell’s recent Q1 financial release emphasizes the critical contribution of the company’s two subsidiaries, Lifeline Cell Technologies and Lifeline Skin Care, in supporting the continued development and application of parthenogenetic stem cell technology. The company has made considerable progress, demonstrating to the scientific community how neuronal cells based on their proprietary stem cell platform can be used to treat Parkinson’s disease. It’s important progress that is being financially backed by healthy subsidiary generated revenue, with sales growth and efficiencies that reflect ongoing marketing and operational improvements.

Lifeline Skin Care technology is based on discoveries made by ISCO research scientists working on cures for diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. Their skin care creams are unlike any other, and represent the only products in the world that use human, non-embryonic stem cell extracts. By combining the latest in stem cell biology and nanotechnology, the company has created the highest quality, scientifically tested, most effective anti-aging skin care formulations available anywhere. It represents a compelling market presence that continues to grow revenue, which in turn allows ISCO’s life-saving research to move forward.

Lifeline Cell Technology has long been accepted in the marketplace as the place to go for all types of purified primary human cells and reagents. Offering an extensive list of cell and tissue types, along with cell culture media and other products, the company has become an industry leader, known for its meticulous quality testing, constant innovation, and a passion for customer and technical care. Lifeline Cell Technology has actually developed many of the human cell systems and quality standards used today in academic, government, and pharmaceutical laboratories to study human disease, with the company’s strong reputation fueling impressive revenue growth that supports much of ISCO’s work.

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