In a recent video published by QualityStocks Productions, The Guitammer Co., a low-frequency sound products and technology company, explains the innovation and unique application behind its ButtKicker® brand technology designed for home theater use, movie theaters, simulation rides, dance floors, 4D theaters, planetariums, science centers, amusement parks, and attractions all over the world to thrill and entertain. The technology literally shakes the couch or home theater seating in sync with the movie, music, or game.

“We’ve been able to take this idea that you should be able to feel sound, and actually get it out into mainstream entertainment… Some of the world’s best drummers and base players use us, for people who play video games, race simulators, movie theaters, and then people at home – whether they’ve got just a couch and TV or a multi-million dollar home theater,” says GTMM CEO Mark A. Luden.

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