Raptor Resources, in conjunction with its various subsidiaries and partners, is moving as quickly as it can in the development of its Dodge Mine project in Zimbabwe Africa. The site has been declared a “world class” deposit of the mineral barite, used heavily in the oil industry. Initial mining operations have already been started, with initial production and delivery forthcoming. Estimates are that the barite deposits alone could bring in many millions of dollars just in the short term, with buyers already waiting.

Sometimes lost in the excitement over barite, however, is the fact that the site has also been confirmed as a source for a number of other minerals. Dodge Mine, located in northeast Zimbabwe, covers over 300 acres of hydrothermal mountain range, implying high-quality concentrated mineral deposits. Due to its Precambrian aged location of unique mineral and metal deposits, Dodge Mine is classified as an irregular ore body. Deposits include limestone and talc, in addition to possible deposits of copper, zinc, nickel, lead, and even gold.

Limestone is considered the world’s most versatile mineral, used in building materials, road construction, and as a filler in all sorts of products. It’s a multi-billion dollar global market. Talc, the softest of all minerals, also has many uses, including paper production, paints and plastics, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, and also represents a major global market. Possibilities for copper, zinc, nickel, and gold, although still in the exploratory phase, are based on reported widespread occurrences of gossan deposits often associated with gold, nickel, copper, and lead. The presence of these metabasalts often point to gold in the host rock.

The project is being managed by WGB Kinsey & Co., one of Zimbabwe’s most experienced mining and construction companies.

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