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 dont worry Bidoue, we'll move on q4, 5M$ of orders in books already in fact at q3... CEO aiming for 6M$+.... and we have another 6M$ of revenue recognition related to Celgene, best ever quarter... still early to move on it though, and several pieces of news will be out before q4 ( on Dr Soon, and therapeutics ), so stay tuned bud... i wondered where u were today:)

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Right on. PLI is a short and mid term play.  Abraxis alone makes this company and we have several other huge partnerships with majors like Kedrion, Octapharma, MacoPharma + the therapeutics where pbi1402 is to be licensed assurably this year.
I say...
buy now, sell this year 1$+ for 300% return
buy now, sell in 2 years for 3$+...