Here is metal value of multiple miners with intrinsic value this was found at yahoo finance where AM Gold was identified as the best value of the lot and for people to consider it for portfolio consideration accordingly --


I note alphabetically grouped together in the list and categorized according to % of resource type for this post (the actual total list is much longer and the detail is very richly informative) is…


Spanish Mountain Gold Ltd. (SPA.V)

Sunward Resources Ltd. (SWD.V,

TVI Pacific Inc. (TVI.TO)

Temex Resources Corp. (TME.V)

Trade Winds Ventures Inc. (TWD.V)

Treasury Metals Inc. (TML.TO)

Trelawney Mining and Exploration Inc. (TRR.V)

Tyhee Gold Corp. (TDC.V)

Typhoon Exploration Inc. (TYP.V)

US Gold Corporation (UXG.TO, UXG)