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Outside the Market

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82427 Reads | 3952 Comments | 83 People call this a favourite


  • Bloomberg: Smashing The Big Banks -- For Profit

    186 Reads | 0 Comments | August 28, 2013

    Four hundred years of economic theory (and economic History) tell us that oligopolies (in any form) are totally parasitic behemoths, which should never be allowed to exist in any legitimate economy. Thus as the (only) Messenger broadcasting the need to whittle-down the corporate monstrosities in the financial sector back within the realm of sanity, my messages have previously been framed in...

  • Western Real Estate Bubbles Exposed

    174 Reads | 0 Comments | August 27, 2013

    It is understandable if many readers choose to view the current financial nightmare concocted by Western bankers as an “economic Hell”, however it would be only a moderately appropriate metaphor. To truly capture the quality and severity of the economic conditions confronting the average person requires adjusting that metaphor to the notion of Twin Hells. There are clearly two...

  • China’s Golden Feast On Western Folly

    254 Reads | 0 Comments | August 22, 2013

    Low prices lead to high prices. The (latest) two-year price-suppression campaign from the banking cabal targeting the precious metals sector provides a text-book illustration of this economic principle. When you cripple the supply-chain, stimulate demand to record levels, and decimate inventories; much, much higher prices are the only possible result – higher than if there had been...

  • Q2 Gold Demand: WGC Can’t Spell ‘Decoupling’

    315 Reads | 0 Comments | August 15, 2013

    What actually happened in the gold market during the second quarter of 2013? The One Bank launched one of its most savage assaults on bullion markets throughout the entire course of this 13-year bull market, causing all-time record demand for gold – while the market for the its (fraudulent) paper-called-gold collapsed. However (potential) gold investors wanting information on those...

  • Canadian Government Blows-Up Housing Bubble

    200 Reads | 0 Comments | August 13, 2013

    Stephen Harper’s Ultimate Crime is almost complete. His campaign to destroy Canada’s economy began with his relentless, meticulous efforts to duplicate the disastrous U.S. housing bubble in Canada (along with piling up years of record deficits). We can be absolutely certain of Harper’s criminal intent here because he chose to duplicate the U.S. housing bubble in Canada...

  • U.S. Government Prepares Mass Pension-Rape

    450 Reads | 2 Comments | August 11, 2013

    How has the bankrupt United States of America kept its entire (paper) house-of-cards from crumbling all around it? Two words: fraudulent accounting. As many readers know, following the Crash of ’08 U.S. Big Banks were hopelessly bankrupt. They were leveraged well in excess of (the legal) 30:1, with the vast majority of that leverage tied directly to the (fraud-saturated) U.S. housing...

  • The Pareto Threshold

    181 Reads | 0 Comments | August 8, 2013

    Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. - George Santayana  1863 – 1952   Human history is a depressing cycle of repetition. Societies/economies rise; societies/economies crumble. The patterns of these cycles are virtually identical, yet living through thousands of years of this “history”, we have learned nothing. Indeed, our...

  • A Preemptive Rebuttal Against Silver Confiscation

    231 Reads | 0 Comments | August 6, 2013

    As all regular readers know, we live in lawless societies – at least “lawless” for any/all individuals or entities encompassed by the crime syndicate known as the One Bank. When the One Bank wishes to perpetrate a particular crime, it now acts with impunity, and then either before or after-the-fact the Corporate Media (subsidiary of the One Bank) simply invents some pretext...