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Outside the Market

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  • The Leverage of Debt and the Levers of Power

    92 Reads | 0 Comments | December 23, 2013

    In a previous commentary, The One Bank, readers were presented with the dominant social/economic/political menace of our era; one, gigantic financial monopoly which by itself controls 40% of the entire, global economy. That previous piece introduced readers to the litany of financial mega-crimes perpetrated by this Crime Syndicate, the endemic corruption which allows these crimes to...

  • Federal Reserve Shooting Blanks

    77 Reads | 0 Comments | December 23, 2013

    After five years of (empty) promises; this is it? Today, to the thunderous applause of the Corporate Media, the Federal Reserve announced what is being called “modest tapering”. However, to appreciate how truly trivial and token was the “tapering” announced today requires first stepping back, and recalling what Big-Talk Bernanke was saying five years ago: …he...

  • Canada’s Foreign Investment Rules Epitomize Western Corruption

    86 Reads | 0 Comments | December 19, 2013

    In a recent commentary; readers (again) had laid out for them the dominant Truth (and threat) of this era: the One Bank, a financial monopoly which, by itself, controls not only the entire financial sector, but 40% of all of the sectors of the global economy. That previous commentary contained a slight simplification. In referring to our anti-trust laws, the laws which are supposed to make...

  • The One Road To End Precious Metals Corruption

    111 Reads | 0 Comments | December 8, 2013

    On a near-weekly basis; we are (finally/belatedly) seeing exposed financial mega-crimes which are hundreds of times, and in some cases thousands of times larger than any other financial crime in History. As precious metals investors (and regular readers) are well aware; many of these crimes are perpetrated over and over again in our precious metals markets. Over the past dozen years or so...

  • The Fourth Reich

    100 Reads | 0 Comments | November 19, 2013

    It is historical fact that the United States “recruited” heavily from Hitler’s “Third Reich”, the Nazi regime which terrorized the world before and during World War II. Primarily, the U.S. wanted Hitler’s scientists, which it used to construct the world’s first Doom’s Day weapon – which it then immediately used on Japan, twice. Given...

  • GATA Now Funded With Rothschilds’ Dirty Money

    90 Reads | 0 Comments | November 8, 2013

    It’s with a heavy heart that I write this commentary: the corruption of what was formerly an entity of information and truth. My own discovery of this dirty-little-secret came personally. For approximately four years GATA (the “Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee”) had been publishing my commentaries, and with increasing frequency over the past year, in particular. Then...

  • Gold Standard: the Perfect Prescription

    64 Reads | 0 Comments | November 5, 2013

    Boiled down to the simplest terms; all economies must choose one of two “systems” in which to operate. They can choose a credit-based (i.e. debt-based) economy, or they can choose a “cash” (i.e. pay-as-you-go) economy. This is a simple tautology, and so beyond debate. This brings us to simple arithmetic. For any society which chooses the credit-based system; this...

  • The Truth About Western (Un)Employment

    109 Reads | 0 Comments | October 31, 2013

    “Structural unemployment” (i.e. permanent unemployment) is nothing new in Western societies. Indeed, it has been a constant fact-of-life in our economies ever since the Industrial Revolution. What is new is the choice by Western governments to ignore this problem – which is now a gigantic crisis. The dynamics here are as simple as they are unequivocal. At the dawn of the...