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Outside the Market

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112486 Reads | 3954 Comments | 83 People call this a favourite


  • The End of Too-Big-To-Fail? The End of The One Bank?

    130 Reads | 0 Comments | February 14, 2014

    This commentary has a dual title, because it was impossible to give precedence to either one of these questions of paramount importance. The sequential order of these questions is governed by the fact that an affirmative answer to the first question gives rise to the second. But such talk ‘puts the cart before the horse’. The first detail of which readers must be aware is the...

  • Falling Emerging Market Currencies Prove Dollar-Fraud

    141 Reads | 0 Comments | February 10, 2014

    Since roughly the beginning of this year; we have witnessed what is being characterized by the Corporate media as “the worst selloff in emerging-market currencies in five years”. This comes several months after our authorities began a (supposed) investigation into the serial rigging of currency prices in global FX markets by various tentacles of the One Bank. Only the most naïve...

  • Federal Reserve Increases Counterfeiting

    120 Reads | 0 Comments | February 6, 2014

    At the beginning of 2012; readers were presented with a commentary about the U.S. Treasuries market (Maximum Fraud in U.S. Treasuries Market) which merely stated the obvious. There was no visible/legitimate means by which this market, and the massive quantities of new supply coming onto the market could be supported – at all. With the world having already begun its transition away...

  • 2013: A Successful Year of Price Suppression, Part III

    186 Reads | 0 Comments | February 1, 2014

    Part II of this series ended with the promise to explain to readers how “globalization” (based on so-called “free trade”) was not only contributing to the destruction of food inventories, but is also an important, overall component of the One Bank’s price-suppression paradigm. This will not be obvious to readers, as here the Machiavellian machinations of this...

  • 2013: A Successful Year of Price-Suppression: Part II

    149 Reads | 0 Comments | January 24, 2014

    Part I of this series ended with some rather ominous questions. Most of those questions tied-in to the chart below, and what it signified in both practical and statistical terms: [chart available at original link] Here readers see a picture which is markedly different from the parameters we know to exist with (for example) precious metals. With gold and silver; we have two commodities where...

  • 2013: A Successful Year of Price-Suppression, Part I

    139 Reads | 0 Comments | January 20, 2014

    There must certainly be times when regular (and objective) readers ask themselves if it is not me who is “living in fantasy-land” rather than – as alleged again and again in these commentaries – the drones of the mainstream media. There was an example today of an item from Bloomberg (and the “statistic” it contained) which might create such doubts in...

  • Creeping Zeros and Economic Armageddon

    110 Reads | 0 Comments | January 17, 2014

    Regular readers are familiar with my characterization and observations concerning the Corporate media propaganda machine. This oligopoly disseminates its “news” as a single, monolithic herd. This, by itself, is conclusive proof that we are dealing with propaganda (and brainwashing), as any legitimate “free press” always exhibits considerable diversity of opinion...

  • Fiscal Responsibility in the Real World

    84 Reads | 0 Comments | January 13, 2014

    It is both ironic and pathetic that as our corrupt, Western governments drown in their own self-created insolvency, these weasel-politicians spend more time talking about “fiscal responsibility” than at any other time in modern history. However, as with most of what our politicians talk about; they have little-to-no understanding of this subject themselves. A simple hypothetical...