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Outside the Market

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  • Silver, Gold, and (Not Paying) Taxes

    129 Reads | 0 Comments | May 14, 2014

    Regular readers are familiar with my position on precious metals and (capital gains) taxation. Those individuals who swap their (soon-to-be-worthless) paper currencies for legal tender gold and silver coins for the purpose of spending their gold and silver currency should not/will not be exposed to any (supposed) capital gains when they spend their gold and silver. This is based on both the...

  • The Secret Silver Stockpile, Part III

    108 Reads | 0 Comments | May 14, 2014

    When Part II of this series ended, readers were left with a partial picture of the Secret Silver Stockpile. We have a base number of 1 billion ounces, taken from the work of the esteemed Ted Butler. But missing from this analysis are key pieces of data. What has been the burn-rate of this stockpile? When were the Silver Users forced to start tapping into this stockpile? These are some of...

  • The Secret Silver Stockpile, Part II

    175 Reads | 0 Comments | May 4, 2014

    In the first part of this commentary, readers were presented with the context which leads us to believe that there is (must be) a “secret stockpile” of silver, and that the holders of (the vast majority of) this stockpile are the ultra-powerful (industrial) Silver Users, allies of (if not tentacles of) the One Bank. We know this because the crash in silver inventories between...

  • The Secret Silver Stockpile, Part I

    181 Reads | 0 Comments | May 1, 2014

    As indicated in my most-recent commentary; we are very likely already in a Post-Default World in the gold market. Specifically, at some time (likely several years ago) the bankers’ paper “gold market” experienced technical default, where current and immediate claims on existing gold inventories significantly exceeded those inventories. Actual (versus “official&rdquo...

  • Phantom Gold Inventories: Has The Comex Already Defaulted?

    203 Reads | 0 Comments | May 1, 2014

    In the spring of last year, and on the heels of the Cyprus “bail in”; informed investors know there was a global stampede into physical bullion – and out of the banksters’ fraudulent paper-called-gold “products”. In reporting on those events, regular readers saw the following headline: Paper-Gold Holders Flee To Real Metal The evidence seemed conclusive...

  • The USA: Worst Government That Money Can Buy

    141 Reads | 0 Comments | April 7, 2014

    History tells us that when governments become excessively oppressive and/or descend into saturation corruption (like the rancid regimes of the Western bloc), that such scenarios rarely “end well” – i.e. a peaceful transition back to responsible, legitimate government. Instead, the peasants/serfs/workers are nearly always driven to a state of desperation (generally near...

  • The ‘Recovery’ of Greece: Fraud and Fiction

    109 Reads | 0 Comments | April 3, 2014

    Roughly 2 ¼ centuries ago, a member of the French aristocracy (Marie Antoinette) was reputedly quoted as saying “let them eat cake”, as her naïve response to the plight of starving, French peasants (shortly before the French Revolution). Historians now cast doubt as to whether this line was ever uttered by her, and it’s quite possible it was merely attributed to her...

  • Is There Any Gold Left For Central Banks To Buy?

    110 Reads | 0 Comments | April 3, 2014

    Here is a conundrum for readers to unravel. Throughout 2011, 2012, and early into 2013; central banks in Eastern and Emerging Market nations went on the largest (official) gold-buying binge in history. This occurred as the currencies of these nations were relatively stable, and thus “inflation” pressures were relatively muted. Now flash-forward to early 2014. We have what the...