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Outside the Market

3 stars

112367 Reads | 3954 Comments | 83 People call this a favourite


  • Ukraine Declares War on Russia

    311 Reads | 0 Comments | September 10, 2014

    The (Western) march towards World War III continues. The series of events is crystal-clear to any who have viewed them with an untainted mind. First the corrupt Western bloc – and principally the United States -- engineered a (bloody) coup to overthrow the former, pro-Russia government in Ukraine. It was an unnecessary coup, from the standpoint of the Ukrainian people, as free...

  • Comex Gold Warehouses Filling Up…With Paper

    157 Reads | 0 Comments | August 29, 2014

    Willing or unwilling; we all now dwell in the fantasy-realm previously dubbed “the Wonderland Matrix”. For the small minority who still retain mental awareness; this all-encompassing illusion of propaganda is like a thick fog which blankets reality. However, for the legions of brainwashed drones in our societies, the Wonderland Matrix is reality. Nowhere is this blanket of fog...

  • The Old World Order

    200 Reads | 0 Comments | August 23, 2014

    Regular readers are used to seeing various myths of propaganda debunked within these commentaries. However (until now) one of the most-insidious – and thus most-important – constructs of propaganda has not been addressed: the supposed “New World Order”. The immediate and obvious point to make here is that readers should/must immediately become deeply suspicious any...

  • How India Evaded The One Bank’s Gold-Embargo

    109 Reads | 0 Comments | August 16, 2014

    By now; regular readers are familiar with another one of the One Bank’s “Wile E. Coyote” operations in the gold market: it’s brute-force ‘attack’ on the gold market of India – the world’s largest (real) gold market. This attack was necessitated when yet another one of the One Bank’s mega-crimes (its first “bail-in”) produced a...

  • ‘Silver Fix’ Is Irrelevant To Silver Manipulation

    216 Reads | 0 Comments | August 9, 2014

    “Much ado about nothing.” While that cliché wasn’t coined expressly to refer to the abolition of the (so-called) “silver fix”, it very well could have been. What we have here is yet another non-event; more of the banksters’ comedy-theater. What is the basis of this scorn? Simple. The London Silver Fix is nothing more than what this evil-sounding exercise...

  • Buffett Sits on $50 Billion Cash-Hoard, Waiting for Bubbles to Pop

    248 Reads | 0 Comments | August 4, 2014

    Warren Buffett’s “game” is getting old, like Buffett himself. He panders shamelessly for the Big Banks of Wall Street, 24/7; and in return; these market-rigging criminals tell Buffett what to buy – and when to buy it. This allows Buffett to pretend to be a “market oracle”, a gig which has worked out very, very well for the multi-billionaire. Buffett&rsquo...

  • The Never-Ending ‘Recovery’

    96 Reads | 0 Comments | August 4, 2014

    Follow along, ladies and gentlemen, as the amazing tale of the U.S. “economic recovery” is presented to readers. This journey into the surreal begins with an obvious question: how was this Never-Ending Recovery created, which (supposedly) is already roughly twice as long as any ordinary recovery, and (according to the “experts”) shows no sign of ever ending? Any/all...

  • The Banksters’ Master Program For Manipulating Markets

    126 Reads | 0 Comments | July 27, 2014

    Regular readers have heard the term “Hostage Markets” frequently in commentaries over the past year. However what has not been articulated during that time is the precise mechanism by which this total and complete control over all markets is achieved, except for a single commentary, written several years before readers were introduced to this label (and paradigm). It all starts...