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Outside the Market

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  • Deflation Is NOT Always Bad: Bloomberg

    104 Reads | 0 Comments | November 3, 2014

    The Corporate media is consistent in one (and only one) respect. It continually engages in self-contradiction. Month after month; these propagandists will assert again and again that “2 + 2 = 5”, and then we will wake up one morning to hear the same pundits assure us that actually “2 + 2 = 3”. This is the byproduct of serial lying. With any person/entity which spews...

  • Burn The Bonds; Pay The Pensions

    64 Reads | 0 Comments | November 3, 2014

    There has been a major (economic) policy-decision reached and implemented, across the corrupt Western bloc. But it has never been the subject of political debate, let alone any sort of formal vote. Indeed, this policy decision has never even been explicitly/publicly acknowledged by any of these Deadbeat Governments. What policy decision is this? Year after year, these governments assured us...

  • Western Real Estate Bubbles: History’s Greatest Wealth-Trap

    184 Reads | 0 Comments | October 11, 2014

    For the majority of Western populations; real estate is considered to be the ultimate “hard asset”, and thus the most-desirable financial shelter in times of economic peril/uncertainty. Ironically, it is precisely this attribute (and attitude) which makes real estate the ultimate wealth-trap – at the hands of unscrupulous bankers/governments. First readers need to...

  • China/India Gold Demand: 2013 Déjà Vu

    156 Reads | 0 Comments | October 10, 2014

    In 2013; a chain of events led to what was (at the time) the greatest stampede into gold in human history. It began with the Cyprus Steal, the West’s first “bail-in”. This led to the realization (by the Smart Money) that no paper assets were safe any longer, within any Western financial institution or market. In turn, this led to an unprecedented stampede out of the...

  • The United States: Police State Today, Martial Law Tomorrow; Part II

    202 Reads | 0 Comments | September 29, 2014

    Part I of this two-part series detailed the hijacking of the U.S. democracy by a small cabal of ultra-wealthy oligarchs (primarily bankers), best described as the Old World Order. The method for orchestrating this unofficial, bloodless coup was also detailed. a)  Create a new, quasi-governmental entity (the Federal Reserve) which is above the government itself, and thus beyond the...

  • The United States: Police State Today, Martial Law Tomorrow; Part I

    146 Reads | 0 Comments | September 22, 2014

    At one time, the United States was a “free democracy”. When did it end? Assigning a precise date to that question would be the subject of considerable debate. However, clearly the beginning-of-the-end traces back to a very specific date: November, 1910. It was at that time that a cabal of the Western world’s wealthiest and most-powerful oligarchs (mostly bankers) met, in...

  • The NEXT Reserve Currency

    140 Reads | 0 Comments | September 17, 2014

    The U.S. dollar is dying an ugly death. The U.S. government knows it, and the bankers who run the U.S. government are certainly aware of it – since they are the ones who have (already) undermined its value to worthlessness. Naturally, the dollar’s ugly death is never mentioned in the Corporate media. Even with the manipulation choke-hold which this banking cabal has over our so...

  • Paul Volcker: Ultimate Villain

    131 Reads | 0 Comments | September 10, 2014

    Few historical figures of our recent era have been (falsely) lionized in a more egregious manner than the infamous Paul Volcker. According to the economic mythology written by our Revisionists (i.e. our “history”); Volcker almost single-handedly “rescued” the U.S. economy – and thus the entire Western bloc – with the ultra-extreme monetary policies for...