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  • China Juggernaut Shows No Signs Of Slowing

    195 Reads | 2 Comments | May 28, 2013

    Among my many pet-peeves concerning the business news reporting by the mainstream media is the apparent inability among this entire cadre of writers to either perform or even comprehend simple arithmetic. Nowhere is this mathematical illiteracy more-flagrant than with mainstream babble about “China’s slowing economy.” More and more frequently, this is coupled with suggestions...

  • Canada’s $24 Billion Oil-Subsidy To The U.S.

    156 Reads | 0 Comments | May 26, 2013

    It has already been reported that Canada’s tar-sands oil exports to the U.S. are at a heavily discounted price. The size of that discount is generally stated as averaging $30/barrel. At the current North American quote for crude at around $97/barrel; this discount exceeds 30%. However, rarely (if ever) is the horrific, total magnitude of this oil subsidy to the U.S. ever presented to...

  • The U.S. Energy-Independence Fantasty, Part II: Supply

    168 Reads | 0 Comments | May 22, 2013

    In Part I, readers were confronted with some of the mythology surrounding the made-for-propaganda fantasy of “U.S. energy independence.” It primarily dealt with the demand-side of the energy consumption equation. The basic dynamic of our oil-dependent economies was presented: for industrialized economies to grow there must be growth in oil consumption. What this means is that the...

  • The U.S. Energy-Independence Fantasy, Part I: Demand

    193 Reads | 1 Comment | May 19, 2013

    In the 21st century Corporate Media, where “black is white” and “up is down”; perverse reporting of economic data is par for the course. However, nowhere will one find a larger mass of hyperbole and deception than with respect to the epic myth of supposedly emerging U.S. “energy independence.” First let’s outline this simplistic fantasy. Some intrepid...

  • The World Paper Council

    74 Reads | 0 Comments | May 16, 2013

    Once upon a time, an entity called the “World Gold Council” was created. It was supposed to be an industry trade-group, which (like all industry trade-groups) promotes the health and growth of their industry. But that’s not how it turned out. To understand the World Gold Council, one need do little more than examine its history. It was created in 1987. Was this the beginning...

  • U.S Retail Depression is ‘Good News’

    69 Reads | 0 Comments | May 13, 2013

    Perverse reporting of economic data by the Corporate Media is nothing new. However, what is newsworthy is when that same Corporate Media explicitly acknowledges such perversity. Such open manipulation of the news was on display today. The context is the accelerating Depression in the U.S. retail sector; which as the propaganda machine itself regularly acknowledges, represents more than ¾...

  • Insanity Cubed

    133 Reads | 1 Comment | May 9, 2013

    Definition of insanity: performing the same act again and again, but expecting a different result. Obviously this is a colloquial “definition” of insanity. However, at the very least it is an unequivocal demonstration of abject stupidity. Choosing to repeat failure is utterly indefensible behavior. What do we see with our politicians, bankers, economists, and media talking-heads...

  • Correcting Gresham’s Law

    120 Reads | 1 Comment | May 6, 2013

    In many instances, simple principles give expression to important, elementary Truths. In less formal contexts; we often term such thinking “common sense.” Conversely, merely because a principle (or so-called “Law”) expresses a simple thought does not mean it automatically conveys some “important/elementary truth.” Instead, sometimes “simple” is...