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  • Insanity Cubed

    128 Reads | 1 Comment | May 9, 2013

    Definition of insanity: performing the same act again and again, but expecting a different result. Obviously this is a colloquial “definition” of insanity. However, at the very least it is an unequivocal demonstration of abject stupidity. Choosing to repeat failure is utterly indefensible behavior. What do we see with our politicians, bankers, economists, and media talking-heads...

  • Correcting Gresham’s Law

    115 Reads | 1 Comment | May 6, 2013

    In many instances, simple principles give expression to important, elementary Truths. In less formal contexts; we often term such thinking “common sense.” Conversely, merely because a principle (or so-called “Law”) expresses a simple thought does not mean it automatically conveys some “important/elementary truth.” Instead, sometimes “simple” is...

  • China’s Real Gold-Reserves At 4,000 Tonnes?

    54 Reads | 5 Comments | May 3, 2013

    Since the Crash of ’08 exposed the global financial system as simply one, big Ponzi-scheme ticking-down to implosion; one of the most public and emphatic economic policies of China’s government has been the rapid/relentless accumulation of more gold reserves to “back” its own monetary system. This economic priority has become an even greater imperative as China steadily...

  • Decoupling In Precious Metals Markets

    85 Reads | 0 Comments | April 30, 2013

    As massive supply-deficits and vanishing inventories lead to greater and greater stress in our totally corrupted precious metals markets; these dynamics push us toward one of two potential ‘implosion’ events. One of these gruesome endings is obvious: a formal default in the gigantic “futures” markets for precious metals which now completely dominate the real, legitimate...

  • Bloomberg: Central Banks Grossly Incompetent

    62 Reads | 0 Comments | April 26, 2013

    In attempting to peddle the absurd fantasy that the world was “fleeing gold”; the Corporate Media faced two enormous hurdles. First of all, throughout (and even before) this supposed “panic”; people have in fact been buying gold (real gold) – at an unprecedented rate. If the same Corporate Media attempted to delude people into thinking the world was “fleeing...

  • The Silver Market: An ‘Operation’, Not A Liquidation

    74 Reads | 0 Comments | April 24, 2013

    Recent, previous commentaries have focused on the massive liquidation in the paper-gold market; as large investors (in large numbers) have fled that paper in favor of real metal. It has now been established that this flight out of the paper-gold market was in response to the Cyprus Steal – and at least to some extent has been a choreographed event. Naturally this had led to a question...

  • The Non-Conspiracy Nuts

    65 Reads | 0 Comments | April 22, 2013

    Conspiracy nut. Looking for a cheap laugh at a social gathering? Simply dig-up some “conspiracy theory” which may have leaked into the view of the masses, point at the “conspiracy nuts” who propound this hypothesis; and then make some derisive remark. “Everyone knows” that all conspiracy theories are ridiculous, and thus all conspiracy theorists are &ldquo...

  • Paper-Gold Holders Flee To Real Metal

    73 Reads | 0 Comments | April 18, 2013

    During the recent, massive slaughter in the (paper) gold market, investors have been bombarded with a million-and-one “explanations” by the mainstream media as to why people are “fleeing gold”. The problem is that not one of them is consistent with the known facts. It has been widely reported that holdings of gold-ETF’s have plunged (by the largest amounts on...