...Yet in 2012, the Nobel Prize committee has been able to exceed its previous, repugnant hypocrisy. It has awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union, for its central role in perpetrating the economic rape of the peoples of Europe. Indeed, with this one Prize the Nobel committee has demonstrated that these awards are now nothing but political propaganda – whose only purpose is to try to make “black” appear “white”. We see this clearly displayed with the fabricated pretext for making this award:

The European Union won the Nobel Peace Prize for fostering peace on a continent ravaged by war.

The reality is that the in 2012 the EU did precisely the opposite of this.

Understand that the “unity crisis” which has now engulfed the EU was created by the EU – this year. There was no unity crisis at the beginning of the year. This “crisis” didn’t begin until the EU had completed its economic destruction of Greece’s economy.

Here again the facts are unequivocal. The EU demanded that Greece’s supposedly sovereign government follow its own “plan” to supposedly rescue Greece’s economy…except there was no plan. The EU simply forced Europe’s least-solvent government to borrow countless billions more euros – with interest.

How can forcing an insolvent debtor to borrow more money solve a “debt crisis”? Obviously it can’t. It is the most-literal example imaginable of the cliché of “putting out the fire with gasoline.”...


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EU Awarded Nobel Prize For Economic Rape Of Europe