For obvious reasons; most of the discussion in the precious metals sector over recent months has focused on the gold market. The Great Paper Liquidation which began (secretly) at the end of January before openly manifesting itself in April with sharp price-declines was a liquidation of paper-called-gold.

With many (most?) of those paper-holders simply swapping their paper for real metal, and with lower prices igniting gold demand in China and India; the Great Paper Liquidation quickly morphed into the Great Physical Accumulation. With the phony, paper market being (literally) a hundred times larger than the real gold market; naturally massive, net-selling of this paper would (and did) take down prices.

Then there is the silver market. There was no Great Paper Liquidation with respect to paper-called-silver. In reaction to the (premeditated) Cyprus Steal, the “smart money” dumped their paper-called-gold for real metal. But apparently there is no smart money in the paper-silver market.

Put another way, unlike the gold market there has been no reason at all for the decline in silver prices. The massive drop in the price of silver (which has exceeded the decline in the gold market) has simply been the result of more, naked manipulation. The price of silver fell not because it “should have” fallen (like gold); but simply because the banking cabal could manipulate prices lower.

The Pied Piper trading algorithms which the banksters have used to enslave all markets have resulted in an unprecedented (and obviously fraudulent) level of correlation in our markets. When one commodity market moves in a particular direction; they all move that way. This is an extremely powerful tool for committing market crimes, but (as we shall see later) it’s also a vulnerability.

The banksters have taken down the price of silver with impunity below $20/oz (and been able to take it to such extreme lows) because unlike with the gold market there has been no stampede of physical demand in the silver market. Silver demand has been strong (but not spectacular) in China, moderate (at best) in North America, and nothing short of dismal in the key Indian market.

In short, in the silver market (at the moment) lower prices lead to even lower prices – because of the lack of a strong demand response. For silver bears (and wavering bulls); this would seem to signal that the silver market is entirely at the mercy of the banking cabal, with no dynamics at work to reverse the current grind lower and lower. Not so fast...

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