As the rampant criminality in bullion markets becomes more and more apparent (even to outside observers); we get another anecdote from the Corporate Media illustrating the level of fraud/manipulation in unequivocal terms. We’re told that bullion-buyers in London must now wait more than 100 days to take delivery of the bullion for which they have already paid.

The comedic drones at Bloomberg, and officials of the London Metal Exchange itself would have us believe this is due to “warehouse queues.” While precious metals bulls undoubtedly appreciate the imagery implied of a 100-day line-up of armored cars waiting to load their bullion – in the middle of this “bear market” – the implication is fallacious.

In an era of just-in-time inventories; the notion that there can be a 100-day backlog to load bullion into armored cars with the metal already sitting in the warehouse is ludicrous. Clearly what the LME is really reporting here is a greater-than-three-month delay to refine the gold (or silver) being purchased here – and then ship it to their warehouse.

In other words, the “bullion” which traders believe they are purchasing today is in fact merely ore which hasn’t even been dug out of the ground yet. While gold and silver miners have nearly eliminated the suicidal “hedging” which the banking cabal used to suppress the sector even further in previous years; the banksters are now effectively “forward-selling” the gold and silver of these mining companies – by selling “gold” and “silver” which doesn’t even exist yet.

Essentially, the purchasers of futures contracts at the LME who request to “take delivery” of the metal they have purchased are simply given a new futures contract instead of the metal they now legally own. This second, unofficial, illegal futures contract is simply a 3+ month wait for buyers to receive what they have paid for – where the buyers aren’t compensated in any way for this effective default (on the first contract), and the banksters have free use of the buyers’ money for that period.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes we know what is taking place, since it’s been widely reported since 2008. LME shills quietly contact buyers individually and inform them that if they don’t want to wait more than 3 months to take delivery of what they already own that there is another option: cash settlement.

As with these failures to deliver by the LME; cash settlement represents another category of bullion default. The LME can’t supply the metal, and so it buys off buyers with large bribes to ward-off the official bullion-default which becomes more inevitable by the day...

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Fraud Confirmed: 100-Day Delay To Take Bullion Delivery In London