In our Orwellian world of the 21st century Corporate Media; euphemisms abound. Some are merely inane. Some are slippery and deceptive. And some are plainly malicious. The abominable euphemism “the New Normal” satisfies all of those descriptions.

This time it’s different. Utter that expression in a sarcastic tone in any corporate boardroom, and one will likely elicit a chorus of sympathetic laughter. State it seriously, and one will be the subject of scorn and derision themselves.

What is the inevitable response of seasoned executives when some boardroom Novice attempts to peddle the line “this time it’s different”? The more things change, the more they remain the same. Context changes; Principles are immutable.

Yet what is the literal translation of The New Normal? This time it’s different. The euphemism constructed by the Corporate Media, and parroted by every politician, banker, and media talking-head as the Ultimate Wisdom of the 21st century is, in fact, a tired-and-pathetic cliché which had already been discarded by the same Corporate world decades ago. It can’t get any more inane than that.

Obviously, when the Corporate Media takes an old and ridiculed cliché, re-packages it, and peddles it as Ultimate Wisdom it is being slippery and deceptive. The question then becomes: what is the Agenda here?

Fortunately the Corporate Media is nothing if not transparent. We can determine the agenda behind this media lie simply by examining the various contexts in which it is used.

Massive, permanent unemployment? It’s the New Normal. Endless crime and corruption perpetrated by our largest financial institutions? It’s the New Normal. Gigantic-and-growing government debts? It’s the New Normal.

In the 1980’s when Canada’s debt-to-GDP ratio soared above 70%, it was deemed to be having a “debt crisis.” Today, with Canada’s debt-to-GDP ratio over 80% it’s the poster-child for “fiscal prudence” in the West. How can this be? It’s the New Normal, silly!...


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The ‘New Normal’: Sedating The Sheep