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Outside the Market

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  • The Morality and Legality of Debt Jubilee, Part III

    72 Reads | 0 Comments | December 11, 2014

    In Parts I and II; readers saw how all of the public debts of our nations (past and present) were the direct result of fraud, and thus legally unenforceable – on two bases. Firstly; the bankers of these Big Banks proclaimed themselves the world’s foremost financial experts. On that basis; they not only received privileged treatment for these Big Banks, they were recipients of...

  • The Morality and Legality of Debt Jubilee, Part II

    234 Reads | 0 Comments | December 5, 2014

    Part I of this series demonstrated how/why all of our government debts incurred in recent decades are the result of obvious and egregious fraud. These debts currently cripple our economies (and societies) with roughly 25% of every revenue dollar taken in by our corrupt governments being utterly wasted, making interest payments to financial parasites – criminal parasites. This means...

  • Why The Swiss Gold Referendum Failed

    213 Reads | 2 Comments | December 1, 2014

    Let me begin by saying that I take no joy in reporting this, even though I predicted this result the moment the referendum was announced, and even after early polling showed majority support for the propositions put forth in the referendum. For those who have not been following this (ultimately futile) attempt at democratic reform in Switzerland, here are the propositions on which the people of...

  • The Morality and Legality of Debt Jubilee, Part I

    122 Reads | 0 Comments | November 27, 2014

    Our nations (Western nations) are rapidly going bankrupt. This is not a suggestion, or an assertion. It is a simple fact of arithmetic, for anyone capable of operating a calculator, and who can understand the concept of “compound interest”. Indeed, the bankruptcy of these already-insolvent regimes has only been delayed via permanently (fraudulently) keeping interest rates frozen...

  • Disinformation Unmasked: The Alternative Media Exposed

    121 Reads | 0 Comments | November 20, 2014

    For any/all readers who retain the capacity for independent thought; it is universally acknowledged that the mainstream, Corporate media is little more than a propaganda megaphone. It broadcasts a single message, 24/7, with which the Old World Order brainwashes the masses in our Zombie societies. It is understood that with the overwhelming financial resources at its disposal; the One Bank...

  • Death of the Dollar

    196 Reads | 0 Comments | November 17, 2014

    The fact that the U.S. dollar is a dying currency is a foregone conclusion. The (negative) fundamentals of the dollar are overwhelming, for two reasons: their magnitude and their irreversibility. These harbingers of the dollar’s doom center on three areas: 1) An ultra-extreme over-supply of dollars, due to several years of money-printing at a hyperinflationary rate. 2) A...

  • The Next Crash in 2016

    192 Reads | 0 Comments | November 10, 2014

    For the past two years (more or less) readers have read warnings that a horrific economic collapse is brewing across the Western world. It will be the final collapse for these regimes, as none of these economies will be able to survive this coming cataclysm in their present form. There is no prognostication involved here as the “warning signs” that a collapse is coming couldn...

  • Pricing Gold in the Real World

    176 Reads | 0 Comments | November 3, 2014

    As we see the price of gold and silver dragged lower once again in our Hostage Markets; a reality-check is badly needed – since we certainly get no reality from the Corporate media. However, while the mainstream media provides no “reality”, it does provide consistency. As any knowledgeable reader already knows; gold (and silver) is both a commodity and a “monetary...