If there is any doubt about the geology of OX Goldboro property, the latest results announced today should put them to rest.  New areas of gold mineralization have yet again be identified, including some spectacular very narrow half meter zones with 1,540 and 410 grams per ton (that's 50oz and 12 oz). 

This resource continues to grow.  OX had 1MM OZ, and a need to redrill 24 holes to fill in for 95 non-compliant holes.  They were drilled by OSK and all found gold.  OX & OSK drilled new areas on Dolliver Mountain with no modern exploration, and all but 2 found gold.  OX & OSK drilled new areas on East Goldbrook, All found gold.  They drill the speculative middle piece between these two strikes, and find gold in 1 of 3 holes. 

The challenge now remains strategy and execution.  From a strategy perspective, does OSK stay with this play or do they walk.  If OSK walks how does management react, do they get up out of their offices in Montreal Val D'or and decide to turn this into a real mine by getting out of their offices and doing the hard work - or hiring people to do it, or do they continue to take large salaries with little personal risk and string this out for more years.

You've found the end of a rainbow on a hill in Nova Scotia.  Are you willing to go for it or not?  Make a decision. Fast.