In my opinion, Soldi Ventures is one of the best pure spec. gold jr.s out there.  I say this based on these 2 facts:

1. They have excellent property surrounding Rainy River's huge discovery of 5 million + oz of gold in the indicated and inferred categories. RR's cap is $800 million+, SOV's only $4 million.

2. They have very few shares outstanding. Including all recent financing, fully diluted with all warrants exercised, they have only 22 million shares o/s.

If Soldi achieves the success that Rainy River has, this will easily be a $20+ stock, and that takes into account additional financing in the future.  It currently trades at 43 cents !

70 bagger potential gets my attention everytime!

These shares are not easy to accumulate since there are very few of them.  At this point in time, I think this is one fantastic buy under 50 cents and a strong buy under $1.

Due to the tight share structure I think this could be an instant double when drills start spinning soon.