CONNACHER  OIL (CLL)  and  ALANGE  ENERGY (ALE)  in the news for Buyout Targets > CLL &  ALE.   Been Correct on ALE Bigtime from .30 to .76 now.  In Fact said ALE .30 to $3 10 Bagger Alange  and Connacher Oil Has Billion Barrels and Abacus Equity the Calgary Herald says is Going to BUY a Oilsands Billion dollar play....   CLL (Connacher Oil) is Clearly Going to Be a Buyout sooner or later. China and The World shows it wants OIL.  even at $82 Oil is the Future.  Billion Barrels = CLL  and Colombian Oil Junior Alange (ALE) hits Huge Oil Field Topoyaco    U Were Told  was Correct on  PRE  GTE  CNE  ALE  IAE  BNK  UTS  ....  9 OUT 10 OIL$