Obama the War Criminal, issued 400 Drone Attacks by Obama the War Criminal, Obama Drones ..Obama lies His Debt $20,000,000,000,000 by 2016... Business does not Trust B.O. Good News Obama Kicked Out in 2016.  Obama Admits he was "Choom Gang Druggie" no wonder Business Doesn't Trust this Idiot obama!  Fact! if you include Medicare, US Government Old Age Pensions, UnFunded Liabilities now 2013 are closer to $200 Trillion, Obama Lies, America Will it be able to pay $200 Trillion Debt?  Under Obama No Way, no can Obama = Liar! Fact!  Look up USA Debt Clock for Minute by Minute Debt Facts, that Liar Obama, doesn't want Told to Americans/Voters!   Thank God, Obama Kicked out 2016, lets hope it's not to late!  

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