Canacol Energy THE  KINGS  OF  LEON.O  drilling  leono next  month....The next Big Colombian Oil Producer,has 33,000,000 barrels  reserves  GOING  TO  100,000,000 OVER NEXT  2  YEARS!  will  Report Profitable Quarter NEXT  WEEK...Colombia the next Oil, as Oil Majors enter Colombia. As Canacol Energy Just Hit another Oil well at Labrador hitting 60 feet oil with Very High Netbacks per barrel. Drilling Labrador-3 next week. Furthermore, in a month Drilling Leono Oil Field a 8,000,000 to 20,000,000 barrel fields perhaps like Colombian Costayaco field for Gran Tierra  thinking 30 degree light oil, thinking this will push Canacol higher over the next Year! Their field Esperanza is Producing 4,000 boed..there Oil  field   Rancho Hermoso 3,400 @$90/Barrel, now....In Ecuador Liberador Field 900 barrels/Daily $40netbacks.   LLA 23 = 3,600 BOED @$66 Netbacks in May with RH gas power.  Drilling 2 more wells, 18 Days Each.Capella 31 oil wells 300 May production. More coming online.VMM2 250 Boed Net To Canacol.   Thus 12,000 boed CNE By June 2013.   Leono LLA 23 well soon. Easy 12,000 boed then... Clear High Netbacks and added Production, upside Cash Flow and Profits, field by field. Canacol Energy is Partnered with ConocoPhillips, Exxon, Shell, Pacific Rubiales, Ecopetrol, SINOCHEM Chinese oil major, and SCHLUMBERGER. 7 of The Best OIL Majors in The World!