For those who are wondering if anyone is completing regular daily trades on the TSX Venture Exchange, I hope my "Why I Trade Penny Stocks" posts shed some light on some of the workings of trading from your RSP and TFSA accounts.

October 2010 Results

Experienced a strong number of trades for the month of October (but 9 less than September.)

Most of my stocks are under 10 cents but are creeping up because this is the time of year higher volume trading returns to many of these penny stocks.

PIT.V is an exception. Recently it was called CHX.V. It had a reverse split of 20 for 1 and changed its name. I did not sell off during the reverse split as the share price dropped a lot.. In a pass experience, the stock that reversed split stayed a lower price and many shares were dumped only to be picked up. A few months passed by and the share price took off.

My gross sales for October 2010 were $11,517.35

Net = $10,335.85

(170 trades @ 6.95 = $1,181.50)

September 2010 was my highest net sales month this year @ $13,187.70.

My combined total last year Oct 30/09 was $60,711.66 - Oct 29/10 its $114,581.51* - up $53,869.85.

( * Note, on Oct 29, 2010 my balance was in the $119,000 range and I withdrew $5,000.00)

I'm back to maintaining a 40 to 50% cash balance. This allows me to scoop up any of the regular stocks I trade on dips and place an immediate sell at 1/2 to 1 penny move. For a stock that trades at 10 cents that's a 5 to 10% profit.

I like down days as it allows me to scoop up stocks to sell. I always need stocks to sell if I'm going to keep making money every day. Got to keep reloading the account.

Keep in mind, because I trade over 600 trades a year, RBC Direct charges me $6.95 a trade (as a hyperactive trader).

I do not recommend them as their platform fails often.

Word of Caution - Penny stocks are extremely volatile so stick to a strategy - especially an exit one.


I've included several screen shots of my October - 2010 results.


Following is my monthly day-timer


Daily Pre-trade Balance with Sales Breakdown for October 2010

Each column is colour coded to reflect the most recent account high mark as the days move on


October's last RSP Balance


October's last TFSA Balance


RSP Activity Page - End of Month for October 2010


RSP Activity Page - Beginning of Month for October 2010


TFSA Activity Page for October 2010


Thanks for checking out my page. Red Mars

My current short term combined account goal (RSP & TFSA) is $115,000.00

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"To turn $100 into $110 is work. To turn $100 million into $110 million is inevitable."   Edgar Bronfman