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I hold and routinely trade:

Largo Resources Ltd. (LGO-V)

I look for channel patterns then trade them (and try to avoid long term holds as micro-cap stocks are so volatile). 


American Creek Resources Ltd. (AMK-V)

The vanadium market has historically been tied closely to the steel market as 85% of all vanadium production goes towards the hardening of steel. There is optimism that vanadium will stay strong for some time given the recent resurgence in demand for steel along with China and Japan mandating that all new projects use higher strength steel.

Vanadium has gained its recent interest due to its ability to store a charge and be used in batteries both large and small.The two biggest potential markets are for use in electric cars and to augment power substations.

Electric cars are able to travel twice the distance with vanadium / lithium batteries than just lithium batteries. As cars move towards electric propulsion, vanadium demand will likely increase given the relatively limited supply of vanadium.

Vanadium reduction-oxidation batteries (VRBs) are starting to be used in the augmentation of existing power grids, to put off major capital expenditures. VRBs are used at substations to supply power during peak demand periods, avoiding the high cost of upgrading substations.


Apella Resources Inc. (APA-V)

Apella Resources Inc. has established itself as a significant player in the junior resource sector, earning Tier 1 Issuer status on the TSX Venture Exchange. By assembling a team of accredited industry professionals, and creating an unparalleled portfolio of world-class Vanadium-Titanium-Iron projects, Apella has placed itself at the forefront of worldwide Vanadium development. Apella’s main projects are located in the Canadian province of Quebec.


Crosshair Exploration & Mining Corp. (CXX-T)

Crosshair is a dominant player in the exploration and development of gold, uranium and vanadium in the US and Canada. Crosshair continues to advance its gold projects Newfoundland and has a $3 million drilling and bulk sampling program planned.

The Bootheel Project is located in uranium mining friendly Wyoming and with its in-mining potential and initial NI 43-101 uranium resource estimate of 1.09 M lbs indicated and an additional 3.25 M lbs inferred,the project has exceeded the minimum mining threshold and is designed for near term production.

The CMB Uranium/Vanadium Project is located in Labrador, Canada and Crosshair has demonstrated the multi-deposit potential of the project by successfully developing four resources -- C Zone, Area 1, Armstrong and Two Time Zone. All four resources are open for expansion. Vanadium,already irreplaceable in several industries including aerospace,aviation and construction due to its unrivalled ability to strengthen steel, has also become very important in the advancement of battery technology and its use for connecting large-scale power grids.

Crosshair currently trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange as CXX and the NYSE Amex as CXZ.


Energizer Resources Inc. (EGZ-V)

Energizer Resources Inc. (formerly Uranium Star Corp.)is a mineral exploration company whose prime focus is the exploration and development of its Green Giant Vanadium Property in Madagascar.


Largo Resources Ltd. (LGO-V)

Largo ResourcesLtd., a Canadian listed mineral resource exploration and development company. The Company is focused upon creating shareholder value through developing exploration properties and acquiring undervalued mining assets throughout the Americas.

Largo Resources has two advanced stage projects: the Maracas Vanadium-PGM deposit in Brazil and the Northern Dancer Tungsten-Molybdenum deposit in the Yukon.


Northern Shield Resources Inc. (NRN-V)

The first significant drill program to be conducted on the layered intrusion at Highbank Lake was completed in two phases in 2006. A 2000meter drill program consisting of ten holes was conducted in June and July, with a follow-up 1250 meter program of four holes completed in October and November. Of the fourteen drill holes, twelve intersected the intrusion, one (06HB-02) was abandoned in overburden and another(06HB-08) did not intersect the intrusion. No significant PGE mineralization was identified in either program. However, significant,vanadium (V205) titanium (TiO2)-iron(Fe) mineralization was encountered in a magnetite reef in hole 06HB-04. The grade and widths are comparable to similar mineralization found in the Bushveld Complex.


Vanadium is the chemical element with the symbol V and atomic number 23. It is a soft, silvery gray, ductile transition metal. The formation of an oxide layer stabilizes the metal against oxidation. Andrés Manuel del Río discovered vanadium in 1801 by analyzing the mineral vanadinite,and named it erythronium. Four years later, however, he was convinced by other scientists that erythronium was identical to chromium. The element was rediscovered in 1831 by Nils Gabriel Sefström, who named it vanadium after the Scandinavian goddess of beauty and fertility, Vanadis (Freya). Both names were attributed to the wide range of colors found in vanadium compounds.

The element occurs naturally in about 65 different minerals and in fossil fuel deposits. It is produced in China and Russia from steel smelter slag;other countries produce it either from the flue dust of heavy oil, oras a byproduct of uranium mining. It is mainly used to produce specialty steel alloys such as high speed tool steels. The compound vanadium pentoxide is used as a catalyst for the production of sulfuric acid



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