January 2011 results

I am a retail trader and all of my trades involve TSX Venture Exchange companies.

My "Why I Trade Penny Stocks" posts are meant to highlight my strategy on trading stocks through a discount broker from my RSP and TFSA accounts.

An immediate benefit of trading under these types of accounts is not having to complete annual tax forms or paying annual taxes unless I am redeeming funds from my RSP. 

An even better benefit is not paying any taxes when redeeming funds from my TFSA.


The following performance chart is taken from my RBC Direct Investing Account. It tracks the progression of both my RSP and TFSA trading accounts.

It only goes back as far as Jan 09

I started trading penny stocks at the beginning of Nov 2008 with $13,567.48 in my RSP.

In January 2010, I redeemed $10,000 from my RSP trading account and started a TFSA trading account with it.

My current "Rate of Return" percentages are detailed in the chart below.

(I blotted out the account numbers.)


Most of the stocks I trade are under 10 cents but are creeping up because this is the time of year higher trading volume returns to many of these penny stocks.

I did not redeem any cash in January. Its time to build my equity again (I redeemed $15,000.00 in the last three months of 2010 from my RSP account.)

My gross sales for January 2011 were $ 9,150.45

Net = $ 8,170.5

(141 trades @ 6.95 = $979.95)

I'm still maintaining a 45% to 55% cash balance. This allows me to scoop up any of the regular stocks I trade on dips and place an immediate sell at 1/2 to 1 penny move. For a stock that trades at 10 cents that's a 5 to 10% profit.

Word of Caution - Penny stocks are extremely volatile so stick to a strategy - especially an exit one.


I've included several screen shots of my January - 2011 results.


Following is my monthly day-timer


Daily Pre-trade Balance with Sales Breakdown for January 2011


January's last RSP Balance


January's last TFSA Balance


RSP partial Activity Page - End of Month for January 2011


TFSA partial Activity Page - Start of Month for January 2011


Thanks for checking out my page. Red Mars

My current short term combined account goal (RSP & TFSA) is $135,000.00

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"To turn $100 into $110 is work. To turn $100 million into $110 million is inevitable."   Edgar Bronfman