I recently bought 20,000 shares of  Aventec Technologies AVV.H @
.025 a share expecting to sell at a 1/2 penny rise.

Instead the stock halted and completed a reverse split; 1 new for 9 old

The stock is now trading under a new symbol and name. Harmony Gold Corp   H.H:TSXV

(I didn't catch wind of the reverse split and could find little about the news on the internet.)

Thinking about how this stock will tank after loosing $$$ on TYP.V on their reverse split - I thought what to do what to do.

Form my last experience I recalled waiting over a week to get the new shares in order to trade them but notice the new stock was already trading. Each brokerage receives the stock at different times (days with me). By the time I got my new stocks in the account the share price fell below what I paid for. (The early birds got the juiciest worms first.)

Was I destined the same fate this time again? I noticed H.H was trading higher and I was still waiting for the new stocks to get into my account.

The split would give me 2,222 new share instead of 20,000.

My original cost was $500 @
.025 a share

Dividing $500 into 2,222 shares worked out to
.225 and the new stock was trading over
.38 cents.

How can I get to these bids before they get taken out?

I called my discount broker and two persons later and two days later I was able to sell the stock before the new stock certificates would enter my account. Only I would be responsible if something went wonky with the stocks in the meantime.

Sell I did

First the odd lot went for a lower price
Then the remaining 2,000 shares went for

My initial investment was $500 and my sell was $ 858.81. Net of commission $844.91

For a profit of $344.91

I needed to wait 5 days for the stock to get into my account and the adjustment made.

So you can sell stocks before they get into your account. I had to speak to two different agents and ask for assistance as I could not trade this from my computer. But It is possible.

So if you get involved in a reverse split, now you have one more way to sell your stock like others do ahead of the herd so to speak.

Sym     Date         s/p      shares   buy            date         s/p      shares    sell                  Diff          %            comm

H.H 11-Aug-09
2000 $506.95 19-Aug-09
2000 $773.05 $266.10 52.49% $13.90
H.H 11-Aug-09
222 $78.81 $78.81 100.00%


Hope this helps with your trading strategies.


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