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First rule in dealing with clients. - Never admit up front there is a problem with your product.

(I complete over 100 trades a month and have three times that number in incremental bids and asks at any given time. So when a problems shows up on the platform I experience it right away.)

Following a telephone call with RBC Direct Investing, I followed up with an email to their  message centre.


August 6, 2009

It took nearly ten minutes to get an operator/agent this morning @ 1 877 722 2372

The operator/agent said they were not experiencing any problems with their platform.

I explained a buy order went through but only appeared on my view order status page.

It did not show up on my Intra-day Holdings page or my Activity page until after my call with the agent.

I placed a sell on the order and it showed pending for 5 minutes.

These trades need to go through faster than that.

Well at least RBC Direct Investing is consistent with putting out an unreliable platform.

Constant problems with your platform and agents who play dumb about not knowing there are problems.

If you need your clients to call you and say there are problems with the platform then you have a crappy software in place that cant notify you that there is a problem.

Your Streaming Quotes page still does not show prices with 3 decimal points. Stocks under 50 cents sell in 1/2 penny increments. See my early message.

Constant disappointments dealing with RBC Direct Investment



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