2012, china's projected GDP growth targets is about 7.5%, but that does not mean that our country will be reduced investment in infrastructure construction in recent years, the United States is still not get out of the financial crisis, debt crisis in Europe continues ferment, the whole world is in hope that China will drive global economic development.

Last year, China's economic developed rapidly, the economic growth rate in Midwest region is exceed more than 10%, it can be predicted that the rock crusher industry outlook remains bright, according to the estimates, this year, the central project construction investment up to two trillion Yuan. This undoubtedly brought the engineering machinery companies in a "golden development period ".

Road traffic and other infrastructures are the key points of the construction of China's western region. According to the latest "12th Five-Year Outline of the Plan, China's urban construction, road traffic construction of the central and western regions still have a lot of development space, with regional revitalization, highway, railway lines, construction of affordable housing, and water conservancy investment construction increasing, as well as the program constructions that promoted by local governments to improve rural road traffic and maintain high-speed economy development. All these projects and programs will inevitably increase the demands for gravel and sand, which brought new development opportunities for crusher industry; also it will be another spring for crusher industry.

It’s not only an opportunity but also an challenge, at present, crusher market is mixed, lots of non- professional engineering machinery companies also moved into stone crusher industry, which is bound to bring a variety of vicious competition and is not good for the development of entire crusher industry. Facing with the current opportunities and challenges, Vipeak Heavy Industries as a professional company in crusher industry has always been seeking for innovation, developing rely on quality, it also improve it’s quality and position, win customer by service, "Vipeak" aimed at building a new brilliant in crushing field.