In the sand and gravel production process, usually the main composition is artificial aggregates,with natural sand and gravel aggregate to supplement.For construction cost of the project,how to choose artificial aggregates equipment,especially the sand and gravel aggregate crushing equipment,that have a greater impact.However,the lower market price of the equipment, production and processing capacity is smaller,also are small workshops factory processing.This type plant only applies to some small power plants which can't fully meet the produce strength of big scale sand and gravel production,also failed to meet the higher level gradation adjustment of aggregate system production. How to simplify the production process to optimize the allocation of crusher sand and gravel equipment and reduce the cost of the project has been exploring aim of Vipeak Heavy Industry Machinery Co.,ltd.

Traditional sand and gravel processing systems are multi-stage sand crushing form.This type system covers an big area,and the mechanical configuration rate is very high, also need a large workforce.Vipeak determine a reasonable scale field of aggregate system according to material and equipment performance.The system is mainly composed of primary crushing plant (including bar screen), screening workshop, middle-broken workshop,sand making workshop, checking screening workshop,semi-finished products stockpile, adjusting windrow, the finished aggregate heap, the control system and its ancillary facilities. Configure equipments contain device optimized configuration ,such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen and so on.It is use of a segmented closed loop,which include middle crushing and screening closed circuit, sand crushing and check screening sub-closed loop.According to production plans of different time periods, adjust the opening size of the discharge opening of the crushing equipment,and use reversible belt conveyor of the screening workshop as the intermediary adjusting plant to meet the needs of the coarse aggregate or sand materials.Especially in the sand making process,using high efficiency sand making machine of Vipeak,which combine stone crushing and sand making together to complete the entire aggregate processing. The complete sand process system is reasonable,innovative and new design,which not only reduces the overlay investment costs, but also reduces the cost of production.

The Vipeak sand and gravel production system based on the physical characteristics of mining stone and according to the system design process requirements,combined with the characteristics of broken equipment and broken particle size of final products,make optimal allocation of the equipments in the workshop. As the rational allocation of the machinery, making it the best mechanical efficiency,and improve the system assurance capabilities.The Vipeak gravel processing system is reliable and reasonable production equipment configuration,bold and innovative production process design, use of advanced computer control technology,achieve large-scale construction system automation and centralized monitoring, in order to provide a high level fully guaranteed of the finished aggregate.


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