PATH on Nasdaq. Take your time and check it out.

Their PDUFA date is Jan.17 and a yes vote from the FDA this time around (NDA resubmission) will send this stock flying. The revenue projections here are in the Billions. Yes, i kid you not, and thats after partnering.

Nupathe has a patented patch delivery system for migrane medication. Of the 31 million migrane sufferers in the US, 8 million experience MRN (migrane related nausea) in over 50% of their migranes. This renders oral medication useless and provides a massive cornering of the market for Nupathe.

Nupathe will be the first and only to provide transdermal delivery of migrane medication and the top migrane medication at that (Sumatriptan). Estimated cost of the patch will be $200 per month per user. Thats $2400 annually per user. Being conservative, if Nupathe gets 2 million loyal users, thats $4.8 Billion, yes thats $4.8 Billion, with a "B", in annual revenue.  Now of course this tiny biotech, with only 43 million shares fully diluted, will be partnering for optimum distribution and marketing.

The management team here is top shelf with experience at growing revenue in this field. So at the end of the day, if this tiny biotech gets half of that revenue after partnering, $2.4 Billion in annual revenue would have this stock way into double digits, even if the fully diluted 43 million shares tripled!

You can currently get in under $3, but that is unlikely to last much longer as there are too many eyes taking hold of this with the PDUFA date nearing.

This is the one stock you will want to have a piece of for 2013. FDA decision day is January 17.  

This stock may see $6 even before the FDA decision is given in January. A yes vote should pop it over $10.  GET IN !


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