For Stellar Pacific’s up and coming resource calculation, I took some known information and injected my best guess estimates to take a potential stab at guessing what the resource calculation might be. I have seen another company use 2.7 tons per cubic meter in their calculations, so I used that factor in my calculations also.

Solotomo B3 zone: (using avg.  vertical width of 10m and avg grade of 2.06g/t)

1500m long x 150m wide x 10m  = 2,250,000 cubic meters

2,250,000 x 2.7 = 6,075,000 tons

6,075,000 x 2.06g/t = 12,514,500g

12,514,500 / 31.1 = 402,395 oz

Solotomo B1 zone: (using avg. vertical width of 20m and avg. grade of 1.3 g/t)

300m long x 300m wide x 20m deep =1,800,000 cubic meters

1,800,000 x 2.7 = 4,860,000tons

4,860,000 x 1.3 = 6,318,000g

6,318,000/31.1 = 203,151 oz

Adding B3 +B1 you get = 606,000 oz

Then add on B2 + B4 + Solotomo Pit + Fadaninda = ???

700,000 to 1 Million oz would seem possible for the total resource calculation, imo.

26 drill holes were recently completed on Fadaninda’s west extension and south anomalies and are part of the 6400m assay results that are currently pending. Fadaninda sampling has repeatedly indicated high grade gold so these assay results could yield great results.

The company had expected to have the resource calculation done in the second quarter of 2012, but as we are now into the 3rd quarter, it could come at anytime.