Catalysts that will move Copper Fox Metals: 
1) The updated resource estimate comes out with the new price of copper gold and silver and all the work completed not recorded since 2008, reminding the market about Shaft Creek.  (boost share price)

2) The results of the current drilling showing that Shaft creek is connected, and continuous, and much much bigger.
What kind of grades lie beneath 200m.  The other HUGE advanced projects in the area (similar geology)              ex:  seabridge had the same grades as CUU at 200m, but when they drilled deeper, we all know what they found.     (boost share price)
3) Followed shortly by the NTL annoucement  (this boosting the economics of the new feasibility but most of all bringnig a TSUNAMI of attention  and new investors looking at the area and the companies and projects that will be most affected by the NTL). (boost share price)
4) Then or before will come Copper Fox's enviromental certification.  (boost share price)
- t
hey have been working on this since 2005,
- can actually skip the fishery act, since no fish
- very very low acid generating rocks
- great support and relationship with Taltan first nation
(boost share price)
5) The we have what the Big Boys want, the long awaited FULL FEASIBILITY (boost share price)

6) This will force the TECK back in option, (if not done already) (boost share price)

7) Buy out (if not done already)
check that out for the insider buying!