I was not all that shocked about todays action in the gold and silver market. Once the jobs numbers were released today the hedge funds went along there merry way and sold a great quantilty of paper gold and silver into the market to strigger the stops and this in turn caused another water fall in the prices of all those shares as well as the physical price of gold and silver itself. I was told that in a period of 10 min. approx 200 million oz of paper silver was dumped into the market. This represents a quarter of the annual silver production of the world. How can this be allowed is anyones guess. Therefore such a large quantilty of silver would trigger many stops and once the jig is up all those stops will create a market water fall event. The jobs numbers in my opinion need to be questioned given the election next week. Is the US economy truely growing???? I think this jobs number will be quietly revised down in some future date as have many in the past year. This will be done quietly without any fan fair given. This raid took place in my opinion just when the gold and silver markets were starting to turn up and yes many were cought by suprise. But one needs to look at how much paper gold and silver are needed now to trigger these events. Also what took months in the past in a cyclical down turn now is taking place in a period of days. Therefore I think the paper gold and silver traders are having a harder time manipulating these trends. The question is will investors panic once again next week and blow away their positions in gold and silver or will they hold firm and buy the dips since they are given another opportunity to get gold and silver at cheap prices. Given all the qunitative easing that has taken place over the past few years I cannot see another outlook but hyper inflation down the road