Yesterday's full news release for GMV Minerals

GMV has 1000 miles sq in Guyana, on land where 70-90M ounces of gold is recovered annually by alluvial miners. Drills starting to turn.

Excerpts/highlighting courtesy of post from rappy7:

"The first holes are centered on the strongest anomalous showings ... The first assay results are expected mid to late July depending on the lab volume."

"Ground geophysics has extended the ZEV anomaly for a total of 138 line km of 3D IP."

"first and main anomaly is arch shaped and has a width ranging from 200-300 m and spans approximately 3 km. A second intersecting anomalous feature is 200-300 m wide and extends 800 m."

"Preparations are underway to examine, via a 3D pole-pole IP survey, a second anomalous area identified by the airborne survey located to the south west of the present survey. This area is also in a known gold producing area bordering the Puruni River, whichis one of the most productive alluvial gold rivers in Guyana."

"airborne magnetic and gamma-ray spectrometry surveyis now complete with a 33,692 line km survey accepted and final lines being tabulated. All data is currently being interpreted and refined results are expected over the next three to five weeks. This survey constitutes the largest non government airborne survey ever conductedin Guyana.Theprocessing of the gamma-ray spectrometry and the derived radioelementratios is underway. The Puruni area spectrometry data will be processedfirst with results expected by the first week ofJuly.

"Geochemical samples taken on the ground geophysical survey sites are being sent in for assay.Thesesamples provide a framework to identify the rock units andalterationas well as the mineralization potential of the area. Someassays havebeen received and are being plotted and used to definethemineralization. More samples are due to be delivered to the lab attheend of the week with ICP analysis expected in 3-4 weeks."

"GMV Minerals Inc....holds mineral rights to nearly 1000 sq. miles. The Company currently has approximately C$7.0M in treasury"