I'm not a pro, so do your own DD.

GMV is a junior gold explorer, market cap only $32 mil. (SP is 54c now)

GMV has 535,000 acres in Guyana: that's 2,000 km2.  Got its land from the same vendor who sold to Sandspring (SPP); indeed, that vendor is now a Director.  And Sprott owns approx 15% of GMV.

70 - 90 million ounces of gold have come off the land, ANUALLY, by alluvial miners just working near the surface.  Think about that for a moment.  Think drills are likely to hit gold?

They are starting to drill now.  Drills hit ground about 1 mth ago, so results could come anywhere from now until 2mths from now (it's Guyana, so it could be slower than usual).

The price has pulled back from 75c to about 50c, and now is up to 54c.  The movement has all been on low volume.  I think most of this was likely from people who bought in at the 45c PP ($7.5mil raised end of October), and were selling so they can ride their 60c warrants for free.

Note: Recently, there is very low volume on this stock and lots of volatility.  Since they haven't drilled a hole yet, it's also very high risk.  Don't get in if you're going to get nervous waiting for results or can't afford to lose.